Theatre that analyzes the human experience through emotions, stories, and relations.

After holding out as long as we could to see how things went, the team at Aura Theatre Collective and Milwaukee Entertainment Group has decided that we will be postponing our production of 'the Weir' to March of 2021 due to the onset of COVID-19 and the social distancing efforts it requires. While this has been a difficult decision, we feel it is the best course of action to take for the safety of our production team, fundraising efforts, creative team, and audience members.

If you wish to donate to assist in keeping us afloat during this time of uncertainty, please click on our GoFundMe link below. Thank you all for your love and support! Stay safe and stay healthy!


The Ladies at Aura Theatre Collective

We are ecstatic to announce Aura Theatre Collective's next show, The Weir, an Irish play written by Conor McPherson. The Weir takes place in Leitrim, Ireland, a small rural part of the country where everyone knows everyone. However, the arrival of a lovely new face has piqued the interest of several of the inhabitants that frequent the local pub. When she finally comes by, they are eager to impress her. Nothing woos a lady like a ghost story, but when she shares a chilling story of her own, it rattles them to the very core.

Aura wouldn't exist without our generous donors. Please consider donating today so that we can make meaningful theatre happen. Visit the GoFundMe link at the right to learn more about how you can contribute.

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